Retro Casino Games

The iGaming scene has a vast number of games to talk about. There are slots, table games, live dealer games, you name it. However, one of the most popular games out there is the slot variety. These have been played for decades and as such, have a loyal following. The earliest type of slots is nowadays referred to as classic or retro online slots.

Play retro casino games for free or real money

What Are Retro Casino Games?

Retro casino games are based on those which earlier land-based casino players used to indulge in. These slot machines were mostly found in either pubs or casino floor arcades. The layout was relatively simple. No exquisite graphics or enthralling soundtracks, just symbols on the reels with a lever on the side to pull. The same applies to online retro slots which bear the same simplicity and symbols such as fruits, bells, the lucky 7 and the bar symbols. The only difference from its predecessor is that you can now access them anywhere on your mobile device, smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus they now come with some modern twists such as bonuses and free spins and of course excellent graphics.

Why Play Retro Casino Games?

Many reasons behind the popularity of retro online casino games abound. Some are founded upon the easily understandable features, while some simply enjoy the nostalgic esthetics as compared to new age video slots, with their HD graphics and story-based themes. Whatever the case, players who prefer this set up do so because the gameplay is hassle-free for big wins. For instance, Roasty mcFry and the flame busters slot is a more recent online release, but it emulates old school slot machines and gives players an impressive 243 paylines!