Let’s Play The Division

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Well, since this is our first official and opening post, we wanted to give you something really special. There are a lot of games right now, but we just wanted something powerful and great. And of course what’s better then new Tom Clancy’s The Division game. We were playing this game for quite some time now, and it’s really great so far. I mean I maybe never played anything better the this. It has everything you need to have fun from crafting to dark zone to co-op playing, to back stabbing your own teammates, lots of cool weapons and everything in between. If you aren’t playing The Division yet, you should start right away, believe me, it’s really cool exp. You will be able to find out a lot of what we’re talking about in the video below. And one more thing, there’s a really cool piece of software which will really help you to piss off everyone you play with. I’m talking about The Division hack, a tool which you can use to cheat in this game and stay pretty much undetected. If you want you can get it for free on the official website. If you are into that kind of things then be sure to check it out, you will have so much fun believe me.

As we promised below you can watch the cool video about The Division and decide if you want to play it or not.

Now what do you think? I’m sure that at least half of you will start playing The Division after this. I mean, why not? It’s fun, it’s addicting, full of action, and you can play it with your friends, what’s not to like about that. We also wanted to give credit to Let’s play youtube channel and if you liked this video you should subscribe, because these guys are really killing it.

I hope we changed your mind with this post, and you are now more open to play new games instead of retro and old ones.


Commodore 64 UK Distributor

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Just Distribution will handle the independent sector and selected key retail accounts within the Video Game sector for the UK Toy company and will bring with them a wealth of experience in this category.
The product line, which commences shipping from February 2005, is being hailed as a breakthrough in the new market of Plug-in-and-play Direct to Television handheld Video Game Systems. The unit, packing 30 full games, is fully Commodore branded and utilises the actual operating system used on the original C64. The games are not replicas of the originals – they actually are the originals. The controller is an exact replica of the instantly recognisable Competition Pro 5000 Joystick.
“ There is a massive Commodore fan base still active in the market” commented Toy:Lobster Marketing Director, Simon Jones, “These days they own a PlayStation 2 or X-Box and are often still active software purchasers. We needed a partner with great penetration into the retailers serving this sector and we believe that JUST truly understand what we’re doing here.”
Andrew Blumson, Director, Just Distribution added, “We’ve begun to make a real name for ourselves in this category and see the Commodore 64 as a real leap forward in the technology used. We’re very excited about the opportunity here and are looking forward to working with

New Boys Concept

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Brand New for 2006, the line offers a tried-and-tested play-pattern with all-important ultra collectibility. Added to that, and very en-vogue, is a wearable aspect allowing kids to carry their collectable pieces with them wherever they go meaning that they’ll always be ready to Battle their Medalz.
The basic play unit is a beautifully crafted die-cast battle piece with over 48 different detailed designs all effecting the play performance. The basic pack, available Spring 2006, offers an assorted 4-pack complete with a wearable strap. Later in the programme Toy:Lobster will introduce Playstorm’s Power stick, Power launcher and Battle Station play arena.
“ I loved this line the moment I saw it”, offered Marketing Director, Simon Jones. “It brings together all the key elements needed to create a craze. We’ll be focussing on grass-roots marketing to build interest from the playground upwards in the first-half of the year and this will culminate in a mass-market activity for the autumn season.”
Todd Lustgarten, President of Playstorm Toys continued, “We’re delighted to have appointed Toy:Lobster to work with us on this focus launch for our company. Their enthusiasm coupled with their excellent distribution ensures that they will mirror our US success in their markets.”
The line will be shown for the first time at London Toy Fair from today and will be available from Spring 2006. Further information will be shortly available via your regular sales representative.
‘ Medalz’ and ‘Playstorm Toys’ are trademarks of Playstorm Far East Ltd, Hong Kong.